Medical and Specialty Cleaning

AusClean ~ State-Certified Source for all your Medical Cleaning Needs

Get Your Autoclave Cleaned before it turns into a “BLACKHOLE”

  • Prevent your expensive medical equipment from becoming permanently damaged with black, greenish and rust residue
  • Expand the lifetime of your Autoclave
  • Improves Sterilizer Operating Efficiency
  • Restores Original Factory Finish
  • Makes future Maintenance easier and possible
  • Cleaning can be done with no disruption of department operations
  • Cleaning sterilization equipment can be a difficult and hazardous task  for hospital employees to take on
  • Gives your Medical Staff Peace of mind when sanitizing instruments.

AusClean Performs Expert Autoclave Cleaning with Factory Trained Technicians

Autoclave deep restoration cleaning is very difficult and requires many years of knowledge.. Ausclean utilizes the latest in steam/vapor/extraction cleaning equipment and techniques. We use a chemical cleaning method, which creates no dust or debris Autoclave cleaning is recommended to be done quarterly or as needed.

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Efficient and Sanitary

AusClean Commercial Cleaning Guarantees a Job Well-Done

What We Do:


  • Autoclave Deep Cleaning
  • Terminal Cleaning
  • Medical Janitorial Services

Our Qualifications Include:


  • WA State Dept of Health Certified
  • WA State Certified Hazmat Technicians
  • Medical-Institutional-Hazardous Specialists

AusClean Commercial Cleaning – Expert Decontamination and

Deep Cleaning of all Medical Facilities

Betsy Werst, Head Nurse at Gateway Surgery Center said:

“AusClean performed the cleaning of our Autoclaves in a very professional, sanitary and efficient manner. After AusClean left,  the work area was restored to 100%.”